The value of user experience design

Delivering a fulfilling user experience can determine product and service success. Effective research, product strategy, service design, and prototyping ensures your products and services enable behaviours that serve both an organization’s goals and user needs.

By following a methodology that balances user needs, contexts of use, and business requirements towards beneficial outcomes, we’re able to move from concept to execution with confidence.

A thorough design process that includes outputs such as service maps, user flows, prototypes, user testing, design systems, and development guidance—all with an inclusive lens—provides a clear path to bringing exceptional products and services to market. From there, data and feedback loops set the foundation for continuous improvement and ongoing success.

UX design success story: BFS Capital

As a leading but legacy provider of business loans across North America and the UK, BFS approached us to help with their transformation from a largely manual lending process toward providing an automated, risk-mitigated, and fair lending future.

    How we helped

  • We worked together to reposition BFS as a technology leader in presentation and practice, simplifying the business process in order to enable businesses to apply for loans online.
  • We worked with the broader team, including sales, risk and compliance, and internal and external development teams, in order to map out the overall funding flow and future state opportunities to improve automation and customer experience.
  • Our mapping, strategy, and collaborative work led to launching a new website alongside the marketing team, including a new API-driven application process that reduced loan approval processes from days to minutes.

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Strong user experiences enable growth and retention

Our UX design process takes a holistic view of the user experience, considering the user flow not just throughout an individual product, but across all the touchpoints of the customer journey.

Through a balance of product planning, research, best practices, user testing, analysis, and prototyping, we work to ensure products and services deliver exponential ROI by uncovering new operational efficiencies while driving customer engagement, adoption, and satisfaction.

UX design success story: Pall

Pall has a number of moving pieces to support in factories. The goal for our work: improve on their existing filtration systems by providing a connected, smart filter to their customers.

    How we helped

  • Identifying stages and sets of responsibilities, beginning with daily routine requirements, periodic maintenance, and condition-based requirements.
  • Pinpointing key factors and behavioural requirements that helped shape both the smart filter itself, and the behaviour of the software interface that provided data and notifications.
  • The resulting smart interface we designed, fed by a smart filter, meant that the factories would operate even more efficiently, giving Pall more capability to upsell customers to the smart filter system, and charge accordingly.

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Our UX design service mix.


  • Identifying the key organizational goals for the product and aligning them with the user’s needs
  • User research and definition to ensure all stakeholders and user needs are met throughout product planning, design, implementation, and validation
  • Highlighting specific use cases and gathering data on current or expected user behaviour
  • Product planning for multi-screen information design, contextual use requirements, and functionality across different devices.


  • Creating a journey map to determine how key user groups will move through the product and achieve their goals
  • Creating the most intuitive user interface possible through with a focus on human-centred design practices
  • Designing an intuitive user interface that will help users find the information they need and accomplish their tasks


  • Work with your internal teams to coordinate deadlines and meet key milestones
  • Deliver standards-based front-end prototypes with a focus on optimization, reuse, accessibility, and multi-platform support
  • Quality assurance and user testing to ensure the shipping product meets user needs and organizational goals
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  • Gain insights by thoroughly testing each phase of the project on actual users
  • Behavioural reviews, A/B and multivariate testing, and analytics reviews to define areas of improvement and business impact
  • Additional ongoing product refinement based on the qualitative and quantitative data gained from user testing

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