We have a unique approach to service design. It’s digital-centric and yields impressive results for our clients.

The essence of service design is to create new services–or transform existing ones-that more closely align market needs with organizational objectives and capabilities.

Most traditional service design shops urge their clients to primarily affect cultural or organizational change. We’re different. Our team focuses on a more pragmatic approach.

We offer you service and related product recommendations that are immediately actionable, delivering improvements across key metrics such as customer growth, engagement, retention, satisfaction, revenue, team efficiency, and more.

Connected experiences, delivered

In the connected world, where people and devices are always on, consumer expectations are extremely high. For consumers, “omnichannel” is another way of saying “wherever I am”, and “experience” means consistent, considerate, and authentic interactions, always.

To compete in the connected age, your organization needs to stop thinking strictly in terms of internal needs and focus on meeting customer needs at every step of their journey, from awareness to purchase, engagement to retention. Our digitally-tuned service design and product strategy team give you access to the multichannel, multi-device, multi-disciplined players you need to move from just producing products and services to delivering connected experiences.

Our service design toolkit

Our digitally-oriented service design toolkit uses a range of methods to ensure your services are effective across multi-channel touchpoints. We’ll work with you to improve customer experience, acquisition, and retention, while uncovering new organizational efficiencies and capabilities.

1. Discovery

Using a variety of information gathering and research methods, we identify and map the holistic experience of your services, and how customers, staff and other players move through your service’s touchpoints.

2. Analysis

We do a deep-dive into identifying organizational gaps, market opportunities, and process improvements, with tactics including customer journey mapping, service blueprinting, and more.

3. Optimization and implementation

Our analysis and synthesis of findings will set the blueprint that guides your team in making strategic improvements to your services. You’ll have the tools you need to align internal teams and stakeholders, deliver services more efficiently, and apply the added lens of digital strategy consulting to uncover new automation, data, and digital product opportunities.

4. Continuous improvement

Our team will coach you through foundational objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), related data tracking, user testing, analysis, and methodologies to make your service delivery stronger on an ongoing basis.

Service design success story: Virgin Gaming

We worked with Virgin Gaming to help them analyze a process that was hindering consumer transactions and preventing an entire department from keeping up with customer requests.

We formulated a faster and easier process to help this team keep up-to-date with their customers; turning a 50+ step process into just three steps.

We identified

  • How complications and inefficiencies increase regulatory and financial risks;
  • A way to address all pain points in three faster, easier steps, which offered a path to automation, speed, reduced human error, and verifiable regulatory auditing;
  • A path to a 75% reduction in staff focused on the issue, including freeing up a director to focus on higher impact business objectives.

Get in touch to uncover these kinds of insights

A process that brings organizations and users together

It’s likely that your customer’s journeys are complex and varied. Thankfully, our experience in research, analysis, developing solutions, and deploying new approaches addresses this. We’ve got your back, from awareness to purchase, engagement to retention.

With our added lenses of ensuring usable, accessible, and inclusive practices, we provide a service blueprint for broad market access and success.

It’s probable that your organization is as equally complex as your customer’s journeys. We understand how to work within complex systems, markets, and regulated industries to simplify customer engagement and support.

Our diligent, thorough approach to customer journey mapping and service blueprinting addresses the granularity required to create clear, understandable, and rewarding customer touchpoints for even the most complex requirements.

With over a decade of experience in bringing design thinking and digital excellence to service design, we’ve accumulated considerable consumer insights, as well as fluency in the best research methodologies, processes, tools, and training. Let’s apply them to your challenge and develop rewarding and sustainable outcomes together.

Our system strategy framework gives us a bird’s eye view of what’s preventing digital excellence within your organization so we can uncover a path to continuous learning, growth, and improvement.

Ultimately, your organization will find the greatest success when internal efforts and capabilities are aligned to the market. It’s striving for this holistic and symbiotic relationship that opens new market opportunities and helps teams produce exceptional products and services that meet objectives across all consumer touchpoints.

As a digital-centric team, our strategic advice is multi-platform, multi-channel, and based on achieving meaningful results not just in the future, but starting today.

Our service design related processes

Let's talk about how your organization can begin to improve service delivery and customer experience today