Our team’s been hard at work-from-home considering ways we can bring exponential value to organizations who are suffering from the economic downturn during these trying times.

History shows that organizations who invest in their future when the economy is struggling set themselves up to become market leaders during the ensuing economic growth period.

That’s why we’re thrilled today to be launching a new way to evaluate and improve your site’s usability, accessibility, and inclusion: The Inclusive Website Audit.

This audit guides your team to optimize your website for all audiences and to improve your use of accessibility standards like WCAG 2.1, all reviewed by our expert team.

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Why is this process so important?

These three factors (usability, accessibility, & inclusion) are key to reaching a wider audience, and retaining and embracing the diverse audience you already have. By improving these factors, your site can be used and loved by even more people, and you can avoid alienating or excluding potential customers.

No two users have the exact same needs and context for which they use your site. As a result, these three factors must be at the forefront of the design, development, and content of your website to be able to capture the widest breadth of your addressable market.

How the audit works

You can choose between an EssentialStarter, and Custom audit package, each providing actionable next steps you can take to improve your website.


USD $999

Highlighting the most essential usability, accessibility, content, and performance issues that could be limiting website engagement.


From USD $2,999

A detailed list of usability, accessibility, content, and performance issues for complex websites or software.

No matter which one you choose, we’ll look at a range of factors for usability, accessibility, and inclusion, from mobile responsiveness, to screen-reader tagging, to the language used in your site’s content and the images you share throughout your site.

This range of criteria ensures that you’ll get a comprehensive overview of how your site is doing in these areas, and a more detailed breakdown of the issues on your site.

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Your path to a more inclusive website begins here

Get started today with improving your website to be usable, accessible, and inclusive for all of your potential customers. Don’t miss out on expanding your reach and engagement!

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