Our article “The Power of eLearning: Prospering in a Digitally-Driven Economy” by Lee Dale is published on The Future Economy.ca.

From AI to machine learning in the workplace, digital transformation has opened up exciting new possibilities to drive economic growth. But when you consider Canada’s declining economic growth, we risk missing out on the potential benefits of our ongoing digital transformation.

Now more than ever, Canada needs a workforce that can adapt to and operate within a rapidly changing technology environment. Building these competencies will require a culture of lifelong learning that spans academia and the workplace. As Canada looks to the future, eLearning is a pillar upon which to build the workforce to power a healthy, sustainable, and growing economy.

In a new op-ed published on TheFutureEconomy.ca, Say Yeah CEO Lee Dale delves into how embracing lifelong learning facilitated by eLearning at institutional and corporate levels can set us on a better path toward global economic prosperity.

Say Yeah CEO Lee Dale on LinkedIn posted about his op-ed on theFutureEconomy.Ca. The caption reads: For too long, Canada's economy has lagged on the global stage. But as the world shifts towards an accelerating digital economy, driven by automation and AI, we have a clear path to competitiveness: upskilling our workforce. On this International Day of Education, check out my article on how eLearning sets the most effective path to closing Canada's skills gap at TheFutureEconomy.ca. And if you're ready to bring the competitive advantage of hashtag#eLearning to your organization, connect with me at Say Yeah! hashtag#CanadianEconomy hashtag#Education hashtag#LearningAndDevelopment hashtag#HigherEducation
Lee Dale with Say Yeah’s post on International Day of Education. See the post on LinkedIn.


Key highlights

Canadian workplaces need to become hubs for innovation and collective growth. How do we do this?

  1. Take action on diversity: A large demographic of skilled Canadians remain chronically unhired. As a result, Canada is missing out on a rich diversity of thought and perspectives, which could open up diverse markets and power up innovation.
  2. Get the ball rolling on eLearning: Effective eLearning is a critical part of supporting and scaling a productive learning ecosystem across organizations.

By embracing new opportunities and implementing best practices across technology, academia, business, and government, Canada can close its widening skills gap and position itself as a global leader, all while nurturing the next generation of innovators.

Read the full op-ed.

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