To describe the past few weeks as challenging is an understatement.

Our team extends sincere thanks to brave healthcare workers and to community members responsibly ‘flattening the curve‘ and we’re taking our own steps to work and live carefully.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a drastic shift in the status quo. However, in this era of speedy information sharing, changing perceptions of the COVID-19 emergency are accelerated, for better and for worse. We urge you to be conscientious of the people and public surfaces you interact with, practice social distancing, and wash your hands with soap regularly and thoroughly.

And we encourage you to limit your interaction with the endless stream of news, tweets, and doomsaying which is sure to impact your mental health.

Planning for a better tomorrow

This period of disruption of the status quo can be a crucial turning point for successful organizations. In times like these—marked by unpredictable market behaviour and economic uncertainty—when leaders choose foresight over fear—improving products and services instead of retrenching—they unlock the potential to be market leaders in the next growth period.

We’re certain of this: if you can deliver services online, your market access remains stronger than ever. Internet usage is up over the last two weeks as the general public begins working from home. However, if your market access is currently limited, now is the time to refine your products and services to focus on digital access, automation, and data intelligence. Harness the power of inevitable future market growth and pent-up demand. Take charge on your path to digital transformation.

Thanks to decades of experience in remote work, the Say Yeah team is well equipped to support organizations at all levels of digital proficiency. Our work is ‘remote’ by nature—from our intercontinental team to our global client network.

We work across Ontario and beyond

Our team of multidisciplinary and senior designers and strategists work across Ontario and further afield, with staff as ‘remote’ as Chennai, India.

We’re experts at remote work and collaborate seamlessly with digital processes and tools. Whether it’s running workshops, conducting user testing, developing strategy, designing, or chairing meetings, we’re extremely comfortable collaborating across timezones on digital platforms.

While members of our team enjoy time in our Toronto studio, we have years of experience working online, which ensures effective collaboration from anywhere and everywhere.

Map with dots showing the locations of the Say Yeah team spread out across Ontario.
Remote work is a standard state of being for Say Yeah! Our staff and collaborators are based in locations across Ontario, and well beyond.

Innovating & collaborating remotely

Over the past twelve years, our diverse client work made us remote work experts organically. If your team can benefit from building its capacity in digital services or improving its digital maturity, we can help, no matter where you’re located.

We have recently worked with clients and teams in:

  • Canada
  • US
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • India
  • Australia
  • South America

Remote doesn’t mean that stakeholders and consumers are not engaged. We’re experts in: remote tests, online interviews, video collaboration, collaborative documentation, and other interactive tools.

We’re fully equipped to conduct research, design products and services, and strategize with a digital workflow, which is customized to each client’s preferences. This consistent, effective, and efficient workflow ensures that your projects are successful and sustained without a single in-person meeting, if necessary.

Our approach to COVID-19

To address COVID-19, staff who usually commute by public transit are working from home. We’ve taken other precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and health are prioritized, too—both in and out of the office. There’s been no disruption to our workflow. We continue to operate at full capacity. Thanks to our service design and product strategy methodologies, alongside being equipped with the latest hardware, software, and online tools, we continue to be available to support you. We’re ready to help level up your team’s delivery of great products and services as you navigate working remotely, and to prepare your organization for a swift, strategic return to increased consumer and market behaviour.

We firmly believe that improving your digital products and services now benefits your organization exponentially in the long-term.  There’s no better time to invest in digital excellence to strengthen your positioning when we see a return to normalcy.  

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