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Our proven digital strategy process helps accelerate internal decision-making with an approach that uncovers key opportunities to drive customer engagement and retention while optimizing operations.

For many companies, knowing where to start with digital can have a profound impact on a manager, product team, or even the business as a whole. Even for those companies that have been dabbling in digital—perhaps with a mobile-friendly website or an intranet that helps manage customer support—decisions on how these systems are architected can be reactionary at best. In these scenarios, key internal use cases may be covered, but the general approach is typical to just make sure deliverables exist:

Do we have a mobile-friendly website? Check. 

  • Can customers purchase our product online? Check. 

  • Do we have access to customer details when they call the call center? Check.

This kind of reactionary approach, however, does not drive engagement and retention. Under this approach, you’re unable to uncover—let alone capture—new market opportunities. Rather, it’s a sound digital strategy that aligns operations and digital channels with a customer’s journey that reaches these lofty goals. Goals we exist to help you meet, efficiently and effectively.

Here's how we uncover those opportunities

Alignment with the customer journey is about understanding how digital can be leveraged at each stage of the journey to most effectively serve users and drive them towards business goals.

We identify this by balancing the following criteria:

  • user needs
  • business goals
  • the potential impact of digital on these needs and goals
  • resources, both required and available to capture this opportunity

The detail of each of these criteria involves many factors uncovered through research, expertise, and an understanding of both the market and the business. Nonetheless, these criteria are the four core considerations that set the tone for making effective decisions about your digital strategy.

With these factors considered, we can then:

  • look across each stage of the journey map and begin to lay out a digital strategy that aligns with each step of the customer journey;
  • highlight parts of those stages where we can have the most impact;
  • identify areas where digital will have little to no impact, thus pointing to other channels or methods of serving the customer; and,
  • build an effective digital plan based on available resources and requirements for delivering effective and exceptional service at each stage of the customer journey.

Our digital strategy process not only helps ensure existing initiatives are working as effectively as possible, but we routinely help identify new areas of opportunity where service can be extended. New products can also be developed to further drive engagement and retention, and internal teams can be aligned to improve company-wide service delivery and customer experience.

Visualizing opportunities across the customer journey

It all begins with the customer journey

You can see now why the customer journey is such an important part of your service design and digital ecosystem decision-making. It isn’t hyperbole to state, once again, that it all begins with the customer journey.

Our approach to customer journey mapping.

The process you need to get to know your customers and discover exactly what they need in order to leverage the customer journey to drive service delivery and digital strategy.

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Market Definition

Identifying key target marketing opportunities will help you compose an accurate customer journey for your users and uncover the most valuable and accessible market opportunities for your organization.

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Our digital strategy solutions

Our digital strategy solutions are designed to leverage the approach defined above. Strategy: Leveraging Digital has been designed to drive customer engagement and uncover new market opportunities, while CX Collaboration is a service design solution that helps improve service delivery and team efficiency.

Leveraging Digital

Understand how digital can transform your business with this innovation roadmap from our digital strategy consulting team. Leveraging digital means ensuring existing initiatives are working as effectively as possible and identifying new areas of opportunity where service can be extended.

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CX Collaboration

Ensure your organization's consumer facing departments are tuned towards delivering exceptional customer experience, company-wide. CX Collaboration is service design consulting that aligns marketing, sales, service, product, and support teams towards delivering a consistent, delightful user experience across each stage of the customer journey.

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UX Optimizer

When you want to impress stakeholders and double down on your success, our experts can optimize conversions and CTAs on all hardware, software, web, wearable, AI, internal systems, and smart devices.

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