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Work, rest, or play. Manage every minute of your day with Kipu.

Designed with the busy creative in mind, Kipu combines super-simple time tracking and an innovative social calendar with intuitive reporting, helping you become more productive and efficient at work, rest, and play.

Say Yeah designed a simple to use mobile application that allows for quick time input when you’re on the road. We also created a full-featured desktop app that also allows you to see your whole week, while managing your reports, invoices, projects, and collaborators.

The service mix for a challenging new product.

Bringing Kipu to market wasn't just an exercise in planning and delivering the product. For Kipu, first impressions were everything. We worked through the full stack from identity, to marketing, to product.

  • Strategy

  • Research Business, Market, Competition
  • User Flows User Stories, Journey Mapping
  • Service Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Validation Interviews, Field Studies
  • Design

  • Structure Product Map, Architecture, Training, and Support Media
  • Layout Mobile App Design, Desktop App Design, Marketing Web site, Interface Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
  • Engagement Identity, Writing, Calls To Action
  • Validation Workshops, Prototyping, Video Demos, Pre-sales Support
  • Deployment

  • Digital Assets Media, Notes, Animations
  • Front-end code Standards, Accessibility
  • Analytics Configuration
  • Experience Quality Assurance
  • Validation User Testing, Observational Studies
  • Validation

  • Impact Analysis
  • Analytics Reviews
  • Behaviourial Reviews
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • User Testing Remote and In-person

Take control of your time.
Make the best of your day.

Time tracking is only worth the effort if it helps improve your productivity. Kipu was designed to make time entry a seamless part of your day. More intuitive and with an “at a glance” view of your progress across all your projects, Kipu helps rather than distracts from your creative work.

Better still, a fully featured report page allows you and your team to take full control over time entries, creating reports and invoices that help you streamline your efforts and get paid sooner. Usability testing highlighted the value of this management interface and the ease of use, a big win considering the advanced capabilities of managing various team members.

Marketing a creative’s worst nightmare.

The main challenge with anything related to time tracking is to break down preconceived notions about the effort, frustration, and distraction which come with existing products in the market. It simply isn't enough to create a great time tracking product when no one believes it's possible.

With Kipu, we needed people to think helpful, friendly, and pleasant before they considered all their experiences with time tracking products. The playfulness of our woodland creature, his productivity hijinks, and our interface videos all helped break down this barrier and score thousands of pre-launch email signups.

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