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We worked with Virgin Gaming to help them analyze a process that was hindering consumer transactions and preventing an entire department from keeping up with customer requests.

The solution

Through our discovery process, we identified and mapped a 50+ step process required for each transaction which interacted with consumers and staff, and three other technology platforms, in addition to the internal tool.

We formulated a faster and easier process to help this team keep up-to-date with their customers; turning a 50+ step process into just three steps. Our system review, technology analysis, and service mapping uncovered a path to automation which reduced human error, reduced transactional time, better informed staff and consumers, and simplified the technology stack. Ultimately, our solution reduced staff requirements from 4 staff to 1, allowing the director and other staff to shift to more impactful projects and tasks.

The results

  • We were able to align senior management on investing in new technology infrastructure which was shown to decrease staffing requirements by 1/4 and would be paid off within 12 months of launch.
  • We were able to take a largely manual, 30+ step process and reduce this to a 3 step process for staff by leveraging automation, integrating a variety of departments and services through process and technical refinements, and developing an audit and notification system to address potential regulatory issues.
  • We were able to free up the day-to-day responsibilities of a senior director so they could get back to focusing on strategy and more impactful operational requirements.
  • We were able to map out and develop an interaction and data-driven audit framework and reporting system which shared regulatory issues across finance, security, and C-Suite, while providing real-time access to details which were previously tracked manually or required a Business Analyst (BA) to run a periodic report to be read and analyzed on an, at-best, weekly basis.
  • Auditable security process
  • Reducing human error
  • Reducing staff costs

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