Beginning July 4th in Ottawa, art and design will be coming together at Arts Futures, a series of events running from July through August.

Co-hosted by Interactive Ontario and the Cultural Human Resources Council, Arts Futures is a summer seminar series that explores the interconnection of art and design, with arts-focused digital skills, strategy, and human-centred design seminars.

The event series welcomes artists, creatives, designers, innovators, strategists—those who have an interest in seeing how design and digital best practices can shape the arts.

Each session contains two presentations pertaining to the topic of the week with a networking lunch in between.


Topics & Dates

  • July 4 (Ottawa) and July 5 (Toronto)
    Digital Transformation and Inclusive Design
  • July 18 (Ottawa) and July 19 (Toronto)
    Digital Music Technologies
  • August 1 (Ottawa) and August 2 (Toronto)
    Immersive Experiences – Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • August 22 (Ottawa) and August 23 (Toronto)
    Digital Discoverability
  • August 30 (Ottawa) and August 29 (Toronto)
    Closing Keynote: Digital Arts & Culture


We’re pleased to announce that our CEO, Lee Dale, will be leading the digital transformation session at Arts Futures July 4th in Ottawa and July 5th in Toronto.


Arts Future is an event in its own category. The content to be discussed is expected to bring new insight and knowledge whether you’re leading an arts institution, a practicing artist, or otherwise engaged in the arts. We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn how design and digital best practices can help shape your work and bring this knowledge into your regular practices!


General sessions registrations are $35 per session ($30 if you are a member of Interactive Ontario or the Cultural Human Resources Council).

We hope to see you July 4th in Ottawa and July 5th in Toronto!