Imagine a world full of tangible, endless opportunities. A world where hope and triumph overcomes defeat. Where the sick are sick no more, and everyone is safe and equal.

It’s time to stop imagining, and start believing. New innovations are hitting the world by storm, and changing life as we know it.

Now more than ever, technology has the power to change the world.

In the connected age we have the opportunity to define customized experiences across different screens and devices, deliver localized, relevant, and personalized content and experiences to users wherever they may be, design products and services accessible to virtually anyone, and continually improve interfaces based on real-world data.

With mobile and multi-screen use exploding the world over and our keen understanding of user goals and actions, we now have the ability to leverage digital to meet and exceed organizational goals, while empowering people like never before.

Inspired by the possibilities we can help you uncover for your organization, we are equally inspired that SingularityU Canada is happening in Toronto this week.

Singularity University (“SU”) will give you insight and access to the power of digital in this new era of connectedness.

What is the SU Canada Summit?

The SU Canada is a two-day summit on a quest to examine and improve the future of Canada, and the rest of the world. SU Canada encourages Canadians to challenge and implement audacious ideas that solve the greatest challenges in humanity such as blindness, poverty, access to education, and more.

While tickets are sold out, you can learn more about the SingularityU Canada Summit, follow the #SUCanSummit hashtag, or join in person the free live stream hosted by the DMZ at Ryerson.

SingularityU Canada

Singularity University (SU) is a global learning and innovation association. It uses technology in the form of artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotech to address the world’s greatest challenges.

“The next breakthroughs have the potential to improve the lives of all Canadians and all of humanity by disrupting foundational sectors such as energy, health, prosperity, and citizenship.”

~ SingularityU Canada

The future doesn’t stop here

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