We’ve been ever so neglectful of our website as we’ve been heads down working from our new Spadina and Richmond HQ. We did have the chance to skip out of the office last Tuesday to share Kipu with the Democamp crowd, which was a blast.

And on the Kipu front, we’ve got a Kipu iPhone app in development along with another round of updates to the Web app before we take it public. You’ll surely be seeing a lot more from Kipu this summer!

And all of this as we gear up for another excursion to SXSW, this time with Matt and Gabriel joining me. Though, sadly, for a much shorter period of time than in previous years when I had the chance to stay for music, with stops in San Fran, New Orleans and Chicago. But I’ll be sure to cram in as much chaos as possible into this year’s SXSW trip as I’ll be speaking with Jon Lax about value pricing at Monday the 14th’s Abolish the Hourly, DJing on the 12th at the Maple Leaf Digital Lounge and (hopefully!) again on the 13th.

And all the while we’ve been tackling a number of other great client projects which should start to see the light of day soon.


And now back to work!