We’re excited to share details about a webinar on understanding your consumer needs in uncertain times, taking place on May 27th, 2020, at 1 PM EST.

Hosted by our colleagues at The Strategy Institute and Digital Marketing for Financial Services, this webinar will help you and your team extend your knowledge of how to adjust your customer experience and marketing strategies during COVID-19.

From the United Nations COVID-19 Response series. This “positive propaganda” is meant to foster a sense of hopefulness in times of uncertainty. The future is still bright. Image created by Heads Up (Madwell).

With a great roster of speakers, from Simon Wyse, Borrowell’s VP of Revenue, to Bank of Montreal’s Vice President and Sr. Digital Product Owner Jerry Breef, and more, it’s sure to be a timely and informative session.

You’ll learn how to use experience design and product strategy to ensure customers reach your products and services in a way that meets their goals. All of this learning is industry-specific, with a lens on financial brands in particular.

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