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Making the most of a mobile world.

Mobile apps are used in greater numbers today than ever before and the number of mobile apps that are available to consumers is growing exponentially. In today’s app marketplace, each app has to justify its existence by delivering a superior user experience and enough value to its creator to warrant its continued support.

At Say Yeah, we employ a highly tailored approach to each mobile app project to ensure the expectations of both the market and the business are met and exceeded. We specialize in designing mobile apps for complex customer interactions, where accurate and actionable data can be discovered and acted upon by users, and to maximize user engagement.

Our mobile app design service mix.


  • Identifying key goals of the mobile app project including business goals and market needs
  • Highlighting mobile app specific use cases designed to serve users and company stakeholders
  • Researching to determine how to deliver a superior app user experience aligned with your business goals
  • Defining platform requirements which will best serve the market and business needs, including the right
  • Mix of web and native Android, iOS, and other technologies
  • Defining a test and measurement framework to prove bottom line value


  • Collaborating to ensure the app aligns with business requirements with each use case
  • Creating a journey map(s) to determine the user flow(s) throughout the mobile app
  • Structuring and designing the most intuitive user interface to meet user needs and guide users towards business goals
  • Driving engagement throughout the app and within individual screens with visuals, content, and calls to action designed to resonate with the user


  • Coordinated deadline tracking to meet your key milestones
  • Intuitive visual assets, notes, and animations to detail front-end coded user experience and user interaction requirements
  • Front end code, focusing on meeting standards and accessibility requirements, and ensuring a consistent, intuitive experience for the user
  • In depth testing at each phase of development to ensure quality and function


  • Analytics, user testing, behavioural reviews, and A/B testing to ensure business value and optimization opportunities
  • App refinement and improvements based on qualitative data and user testing
  • Ongoing reviews of business and market needs to uncover new opportunities to drive growth, engagement, and revenue

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