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Monday February 23, 2015

Less interface doesn’t necessarily equate to better experience.

~ Adrian ZumbrunnenIn Deceptive Simplicity, Adrian shares a number of simplistic interface examples which undermine the product, limiting user engagement or causing a disconnection with users.

I use the term simplistic in place of simple, to drive home the point that reduction purely for the sake of minimizing interface elements and highlighting an aesthetic minimalism ignores the fundamentally complex task of delivering value to users. If you’re not considering product purpose, user need, and actual usage your simple form will serve little functional purpose.

An example of how moving from a visually busy but explicit menu to a dropdown reduces engagement:


Read Adrian’s full article for more and different examples.

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  • Thursday February 12, 2015

    It’s the experience that makes the product, not the features. Speaking engagements in Feb and March.


    I’ve received a lot of great feedback and enjoyed some followup conversations after my latest article, The Experience Makes the Product, Not The Features, was published in UX Magazine.

    Segueing from this article, I’ve got two upcoming talks I’d encouraging you to come out to.

    Feb 17—Agile Experience Design Toronto: Why starting with features will kill your MVP.

    The first talk is Feb 17 at a local Agile UX meetup. There I’ll be talking about aligning UX with Agile, focusing on some of the difficulties of bringing design into a predominantly engineering focused workplace.

    This Tuesday evening event is free to attend.

    RSVP on Meetup

    March 7—FITC’s Spotlight UX/UI: It’s the Experience That Makes the Product, Not the Features

    At this talk, I’ll expand on the heart of the article to look at what it means to bring a focused, valuable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market. An MVP that can help you learn how to better serve your users, and the business that’s footing the bill.

    Early bird pricing for this full day event is available until February 22, with pricing starting at $49 for students, and up to $129.

    Buy Tickets on Eventbrite

    Hope to see you there!


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  • Tuesday January 20, 2015

    Once (creatives) get a taste of real problems and caring for the end user, it’ll be impossible to go back to doing marketing fluff.

    That’s Murat Mutlu from his wonderful article, Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Shitty Agency.

    On the ad agency life:

    When one of the designers told me “I want to look after users, not brands”, I had no reply, he was right. That’s all that you ever really do in a place like that.

    And that’s why Say Yeah loves working on great products that serve users and not all-to-brief campaigns that ultimately just serve the marketing machine.

    Read Murat’s Full Post On Medium

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  • Monday January 19, 2015

    What’s Next For Toronto’s Design Community?

    Elena Yusunov asks this question today on Betakit in the wake of Teehan+Lax shutting its doors.

    One thing’s for sure, the consensus from our peers is that Teehan+Lax raised the bar and it’s up to the rest of us in Toronto to work even harder to continue to move the practice of product design forward.

    As I said in the article:

    There’s tons of world class work happening in Toronto. We would all benefit from being a little more connected to it. And certainly from sharing it with the rest of the world.

    There’s no doubt Teehan+Lax did the job of setting these standards in Toronto. Now that task is being passed on to the rest of us.

    Where do we go from here?

    Matt and I are regularly out and about at startup events in Toronto, participating, or speaking. Come say hi.

    As always, our doors are open if you’d like to talk about the practice of product planning and design. Get in touch.

    And, if you’ve got a great product or product design story to share, we’d love to talk about it at Let us know at

    Read Elena’s Full Article

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  • Thursday January 08, 2015

    Marketing is setting the expectation for your site. What promises are you marketing and is your site (or product) delivering?

    That’s Pamela Pavliscaka noting how expectations lead experience in her Data-Informed Design O’Reilly webinar.

    Your customer’s expectations absolutely set the tone for any experience. Be sure your sales, marketing, product, and support teams are on the same page so each customer interaction is setting the same tone and delivering on those expectations.

    Not sure if there’s a disconnect with your product? Find out now by downloading Say Yeah’s free Product Questionnaire and working through it with your team.

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  • Monday December 22, 2014

    Put your best product forward in 2015.


    Whether you’re working on an existing product or bringing a new idea to market, start the year off right by focusing your efforts on making sure you’re delivering the right product to your most passionate and valuable consumers.

    The free Say Yeah Product Questionnaire hits on several key touch points of delivering a product to market which serves business goals while at the same time meeting user needs.

    With this document you’ll consider:

    1. What motivates you to deliver a great product.
    2. Who your product users are.
    3. The market you’re playing in.
    4. The product that can best serve that market.
    5. The business goals that need to be met to ensure your success.
    6. The personality your product and team expresses to engage your target.
    7. What you’ve done to validate all of the above points.

    With a review of those points, you’ll be able to identify areas of strength and where further work needs to be done to ensure you’re focusing your resources and your product appropriately.

    This holiday season is a great time to begin working through our free Product Questionnaire as a refresher for your team and to help ensure you’re on track in the new year.

    Get the Product Questionnaire

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  • Tuesday December 09, 2014

    Win tickets to HoHoTO’s Dec 11 party in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank

    Say Yeah is proud to once again be a major part of HoHoTO this year. This annual party in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank is an important part of the local community. It doesn’t just bring design, tech, startup, and digital media folks together, it also helps feed people in the city during the holiday season and throughout the year.

    To date, HoHoTO has raised well over $300,000 for the food bank and really given people a great use to go out and celebrate our industry and connect with peers.

    We want to see you there this year and we’ve come up with two ways you can win tickets.

    Keep reading

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  • Monday November 03, 2014

    Join us for a Ten Thousand Coffees Week group chat tomorrow night.

    Ten Thousand Coffees Week is connecting students, recent grads, and young professionals with industry experts in a casual meet-up between Nov 3-9, 2014

    At Say Yeah HQ we’ll be hosting a group chat Tuesday evening, Nov 4, from 5:00p to 7:00p for those Interested in mobile, apps, and user-centered design.

    Please RSVP and share the word that you’ll be participating in @10kCoffees week.

    RSVP for 10kCoffees at Say Yeah

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  • Thursday October 30, 2014

    We’re all set for Startup Open House and tonight’s HoHoTO and birthday celebration!

    Hope to see you here!

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  • Tuesday October 21, 2014

    Join us for Startup Open House, Thursday Oct 30 from 4-7pm, and stay to celebrate Lee’s birthday!

    We’re opening up our doors for Startup Open House this coming Oct 30th from 4 to 7pm.

    This is a chance to visit dozens of startups across Toronto, along with those of us in the west end, including Say Yeah!, Indiegogo, Freshbooks, Stylekick, Nuvango (formerly Gelaskins), and a half dozen more in Liberty Village. 


    It’s also Lee’s birthday so it will be a double-celebration. 

    Come by and talk product design, MVPs, or just to high-five Lee!

    Sign up for Startup Open House

    And please RSVP if you’re coming to see us so we know how much cake and ice cream (or other munchies) to have on hand.

    RSVP to visit Say Yeah

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