Photo of Toronto

It’s spring in Toronto, which can only mean that it’s time to get the hell out of the house and off Twitter because the warm weather, and more importantly the Mesh Conference is almost here.

I will be skipping the official 2 day Mesh Conference because I like to leave marketing & media hooplah to Lee, but I won’t be missing the fantastic Mesh U conference on April 6th. With international superstars like Ryan Singer and Chris Wanstrath along side great local talent like Ilya Grigorik, David Gillis, Brydon Gilliss and Pete Forde, this year promises to be even better than last.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mesh U, it’s a one day event of workshops focused on design, development and management, but more importantly it’s a chance to get out of the office (ie. get off twitter) and talk to folks like you about the things you care about (suggested topics include poutine, facebook and beer).

My only gripe with the conference is the 3 track structure; design, development and management talks happen concurrently which means missing some interesting talks. Last year I stayed focused primarily on the design track and checked out the talks by Kevin HaleDaniel Burka and Jon Lax, then strayed at the end of the day to the management track to check out Ryan Carson.

If you’re still not convinced, or just can’t make it out this year, be sure to check out some other fantastic (free) Toronto tech events including,

  • DemoCamp
  • VizThink
  • AJAX & Ruby Pub Nights

You can find even more at the TorCamp wikipage