Looking to get more comfortable with remote work as a designer?

Remote Design Week, taking place from April 27th-May 1st, offers five days of immersive learning to level up you and your team’s remote work, with processes, tools, and tips to get you designing together from afar.

Remote Design week promo with an illustration of a hand holding a laptop

The week will include talks on everything from inclusive design, to remote sketching, to talks on getting better customer insights.

You’ll also get to participate in great networking opportunities (virtually, of course!) with after-hours events, and a Slack workspace dedicated to the event for chatting with other attendees throughout the week.

Some talks we’re excited about

  • Lara Mendonca, Product Design Lead at Bumble talking about inclusive design at Bumble, and designing for belonging
  • Anna Niess, a designer at Slack, will be sharing her take on how customers shaped the future of Slack
  • Gaining deeper insights into remote work at scale from one of the world’s largest all-remote design teams, with Christie Lenneville, UX Director at Gitlab

Get your tickets to the event today and make sure to check out the most up-to-date roster of speakers on the Remote Design Week website.

As a team that has a long history of working remotely, we can’t wait to spend the week with the DesignX community talking all things remote design and remote collaboration.

Check out the schedule