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A great product is the result of features that work together

A great product isn’t just a collection of features. It’s how they work together. It’s how they make you feel.

A Simple Rule Of Thumb For Event Apps: Make Sure Your App Works When There’s No Internet Connection

If you’re making an app for your event which highlights event location information, the event lineup, and allows you to…

Our Value Pricing deck from last week’s NXNE Interactive panel.

Last week we had the pleasure of joining Sam Ladner, Jon Lax and our moderator Simon Conlin on a NXNE…

Website surveys, round 2, when to ask for my opinion.

Previously, I wrote about website surveys and the right and wrong way to display such requests on your website.

Oh, Snow Leopard, you’re so pretty but so broken.

Apple promised a refined, optimized, and elegant release with Snow Leopard. And in many respects they delivered. Here’s what they…

UI exploration: Improving date and time entry

While we’re plugging away on the next update to the Events Calendar, I thought it would be fun to walk…
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