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Ensure your organization’s consumer facing departments are tuned towards delivering exceptional customer experience, company-wide.

Our organizational alignment consulting uses a variety of service design methodologies to align marketing, sales, service, product, and support teams towards delivering a consistent, delightful user experience across each stage of the customer journey.


  • Business goal definition and user needs alignment
  • Digital ecosystem review and alignment to the customer journey
  • Internal team coaching and support to drive cross-departmental service delivery
  • Customer journey mapping and departmental alignment
  • Team collaboration and communications assessment


Operational efficiency and consumer engagement and retention rates will increase as your organization aligns with your customer’s journey.

  • Drive results with collaboration amongst all stakeholders
  • Increased consumer engagement and retention
  • Improve operational efficiency by aligning efforts to your customer’s journey
  • Keep your company lean, innovative, and responsive to customer needs
  • Reduce investment on technologies and services that don’t deliver results
  • Improve team morale and retention by improving collaboration, reducing inefficient work efforts, and improving customer satisfaction

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