The comprehensive inclusive website audit process

This process includes a detailed breakdown of considerations that lead from your homepage and impact your site. This is all highlighted through actionable next steps, screenshots and videos that demonstrate key issues for you and your team.

The initial phase

Reviewing technical issues, accessibility, and performance

The goal

Identify technical issues and areas where the code wasn’t written with accessibility in mind, and identify high level performance issues, including an overall score of how your site is doing on high-level accessibility issues and an overview of key issues on top-level pages of your site.

Typical issues identified

Code issues

  • Issues with the HTML code’s validity
  • Missing landmark structure pages
  • Alt tags missing from images
  • Issues with heading hierarchy and menu structure
  • Tab patterns and keyboard functionality (e.g. a non-functional skip navigation link)
  • Issues with colour contrast

Performance issues

  • Oversized images, components that have long load times
  • Time to interaction for site pages
  • Unused code that makes the site slower
  • Server response time
  • Third-party code and plugins that impact performance
  • Load time on mobile devices

Further testing

We’ll review interactive elements and usability across different screen sizes

The goal

Identify issues that aren’t strictly code related, or may involve more complex interaction issues with how users use your site. It will give you a full look at usability issues across your site, beyond the base level technical concerns identified in the first phase.

Typical issues identified

  • Carousels, accordions or other elements that are challenging to use or have usability concerns on different devices
  • Unintuitive or duplicate tab patterns (e.g. in menus or on cards)
  • Focus states that are hard to identify, or ways of interacting with elements that are unclear
  • How the site is perceived in black and white-e.g. error state visibility

Inclusivity & content

Reviewing language, images, and other ways users could be alienated by content

The goal

The goal of this phase is to identify areas where content needs to be revised to be accessible and inclusive, and how more personalized or user-input based features can better include people from across the market.

What this phase includes

  • Ensuring diversity is represented in image choices for blog posts and other content
  • Making sure forms and other inputs use gender and other identity inclusive language, and aren’t rigid in their inputs
  • Flagging content that is too complex or jargony, or is written at a level that users may have trouble understanding
  • Auditing videos and other multimedia content to ensure transcripts/captions and other accessibility features are fully functional


USD $999

Highlighting the most essential usability, accessibility, content, and performance issues that could be limiting website engagement.


From USD $2,999

A detailed list of usability, accessibility, content, and performance issues for complex websites or software.